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Banned without reason.

Banned from this computer!

¬.¬ Actually, I'm not supposed to be on but I do this all the time. My mom and everyone else in the house are sleep.

:D I suppose I'm just a sneaky person.

O-o Now that I think about it, my english teacher assigned us the dumbest assignment. She told us to write a journal about what we do every day at home. So I was like, "What if we do absolutely nothing.

And she was like, "Then write about absolutely nothing."

x.x She told us that a week ago and I just got to wrinting an entry yesterday. I'm pathetic.

Yes, I am.

e.e Anyway, I think I'm slowly running out of 'naughty sneak on the computer while your punisher is sleep' time.

Well, I'm bored so I think I'll go watch the entire Rurouni Kenshin series all over again. :D I love sneaking on the computer.

I have a wonderful sense of adventure that just gets me into a whole heap of trouble.
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