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Raaaaaaaaaawrrrr!! >D

:D I'm free!

My soul is set free!

I have returned to my beautiful computer!

>:D No more punishment!

x.x Actually, I was supposed to return tomorrow but I made a cheap deal with my mom and kept bothering her so she practically forced me on the computer...

I'm using dail-up for my internet instead of cable. My father has Madden 2003 and is ALWAYS online on it.

;_; That really sucks.

Oh well.

I'm sure in a good mood though!

In school we did absolutely NOTHING! My science teacher took us outside and we studied the trees (She's a science FREAK), e.e we watched a crappy food safety video in cooking, and my LA and English teacher talked the whole 2 classes through.

After that my social studies teacher talked a whole bunch about immigration and that hurricaine Isadore then gave us candy O-o, we ate lunch, we watched the talent show from last year in music, and I didn't have a problem with my favorite subject called math.

And best of all...


x.x Except for Ms. Cherry wanting us to write about our whole day after school.

:D All in all, I've had a chipper day!

^_^ I think I'll go find some Jrock to listen to and bother my family with!

Au bien tot!
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