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It's early morning.

I've been up since five.

:D I know I'm insane waking up that early when I don't have to leave the house until 8:25.

XD Oh well.

My crappiness has passed and I just think that it was a Tuesday thing. For some unknown reason, I always feel like crap on Tuesdays. That seems to be my unlucky day.

I got school in another hour and a half. Oh well.

O-o I seem to say 'oh well' a lot, ne?

x.x Oh well.

I got this awesome Gravitation background from one of the gravifansunite members and my family was lookin like O__O;;;

XD Shuichi was sitting on Yuki's lap.

O-o Most of my fam are homophobic. I seem to be the only one who's not. Jeebus.

o-O I think I'll write more to my fanfic for Sapph.

I'll be back, baby. e.e;;;
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