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¬_¬ Geez...?


x.x This guy that I almost hate tried to ask me out at lunch today!

o-O He skerrs me too.

O-o So...I refused that through his friend.

o-o One of the weirdest things is having a boy in your class named Dominique. Then the people over the intercoms mistake him for a girl.

For some unknown reason, I'm feeling kinda weird.

.__. Oh well.

x.x My language teacher, Ms Cherry was being a total bitch towards my best friend Ursula today.

o-O She handed in a paper that, appearantly, had no name yesterday and the today Ms. Cherry gave them back to us. Ursula didn't get a papaer and Ms. Cherry said that she had a paper without a name. My friend, Kendra, noticed that it was Ursula's handwriting too.

When Ursula got the paper, Ms. Cherry said that she was taking points off and Ursula got mad. She looked through her paper and seen that on the last page she wrote her name as BIG as ever.

Then, Ms. Cherry said that it should've been on the first page and Ursula said that she didn't have any room for it. She wrote the assignment name and the paper in pen and the assignment's title took up the whole top page.

She didn't want to write it all over so she wrote her name so big it took up 3 wide-rule lines. Yet, Ms. Cherry didn't listen.

Now, since Ms. Cherry gave her a grade, she have read the whole thing right?


And if she did read the whole paper that means she had to have seen Ursula's name, right?

Please, tell me if you agree with this.

Oh! I got another test!

I'm Sana! Yay! o-O Then, again...that's not much of a good thing.


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