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You never think of how much you loved a person until they're gone...

*sigh* I haven't written here in a while, ne?

Well, I've been going through quite a bit.

Lots of schoolwork and other stuff.

But worst of all, my Grandpa's dead.

He died Sunday at 5:26 AM. The thing is, I didn't cry until today. I just couldn't. Then, this morning, when we got to the church and I saw his dead body I just broke down...

I couldn't help it. That was 10 in the morning and I cried so many times...up until now.

I'm glad that he died with a smile on his face though. When he was alive he said that when his body goes his spirit'll still be with us. I feel so broken...

I'm tired and I think I'll go now...

Au revoir..
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