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x___X Howdy

X_____x I was looking for some anime to buy on Right Stuf when that suddenly made me remember something about Gravi.

They liscensed it.

I think it'd be kind of weird to hear them singing in english...hopefully they'll keep the Japanese music...hopefully.

Speaking of Gravitation I took a test!

You are an extremely talented person and you are also brilliant. You are mature, charming, straight-forward and you worry about your friends when they're in trouble. You give great advice and you're probably one of the best friends someone can ever have.

Which Gravitation Character Are YOU?
Take the quiz at Dare to Dream

XD I'm Hiro! Hiro's like one of my favorite characters in Gravi! But Ryuichi, Yuki, and Shuichi rock.

I wish I could find some more tests though. Does anyone have any links for some tests?

Aa.. I leave out for school in about 5 minutes so I gotta get ready.

Au revior!
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