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;__; That was beautiful!

@__@ I just got finished watching Cardcaptor Sakura's second movie! It was absolutely, positively, indescibably beautiful!

I feel so~~ satisfied now that Sakura FINALLY told Syaoran her feelings!

<< He told her his feelings a while before he left back to Hong Kong but she never got a chance to tell him hers.

^O^ Finally, after so much waiting and interuptions, (<< not to mention at the end of the movie) she told him she loved him back.

^^ I notice that she used "daisuki" instead of "aishiteru". It's only obvious since they're only in the 6th grade. So instead of saying "I really love you" she used "I really really like you". Heehee.

<< another mood for today is giddy.

^______^ I'm just sooo glad I got a chance to see that. Now I'm in the mood to write a fanfic that's NOT a yaoi.


@_@ Just plain beautiful. Meh .. I'm tired now, I think I'll go do those dishes befor going to sleep.

Au bien tot
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